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After the Proposal Approval, works start on the Schematic design drawings for your project. Floors plans, concepts, 2D and 3D renderings. Then it's on to construction budget and the final design selection for fixtures, finishes, art, accessories.


The projects are in its final stage and near completion of construction and installation of furniture, fixtures, accessories and art. 


Project Management will include the construction drawings and documentation, managing all purchasing, receiving and delivery. Working with vendors and contractors for purchasing, logistics and construction work.


All projects are journal on INSTAGRAM day by day.


RENTADESIGNER.APP for your e-design services or on-site  design agency

Clients connect with a Rentadesigner who creates a conceptual planned design for all their rooms using our design file portal. Clients can pay a by the hour, per project or a flat fee. Rentadesigner source products from retailers on-site or on - line.

Clients are asked to get in touch by email or by phone. Our on - line projects are Global . Rentadesigner. app  Agency is located in Canada and we visit on-site locations all over Canada. On-site locations pay an on-site fee for location travel.

A small single bedroom can range from 299.99 plus for our e-design service decor package. 

Decor packages includes: Floor plan, 3D and mood board.