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After the Proposal Approval, works start on the Schematic design drawings for your project. Floors plans, concepts, 2D and 3D renderings. Then it's on to construction budget and the final design selection for fixtures, finishes, art, accessories.


The projects are in its final stage and near completion of construction and installation of furniture, fixtures, accessories and art. 


Project Management will include the construction drawings and documentation, managing all purchasing, receiving and delivery. Working with vendors and contractors for purchasing, logistics and construction work.


All projects are journal on INSTAGRAM day by day.


email:Caron@rentadesigner.app tel: 647. 524. 4868


Turn-key airbnb staging&design

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Beautiful Designs

Deliveredin 3 weeks

On- site Consultations

1 Your Rentadesigner measures and identify your style

 2 Rentadesigner developed the full scope of the work in your design proposal

 3 You Review and approve for furniture selections and design install.